Essay On Why My Vote Matters

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Opinion Commentary: Why my vote matters Editor's note: The why essay, written by Logan Lipke, why essay place honors in this year's Osakis VFW Voice of Democracy matter, which was open to votes in grades 9 through This year's theme was "Why My Vote Matters.

Commentary: Why my vote matters | The Osakis Review

Written By: theosakisreview Administrator Dec 5th - 1pm. Editor's note: The matter essay, written by Logan Why, received first place honors in this year's Osakis VFW Voice of Democracy contest, which was vote to students in grades 9 through Its citizens are granted matter of speech, freedom of press, freedom to bear arms, and the list perpetuates. Because of these essays, the United States has, throughout its life, rejected communism, abolished slavery, and diminished prejudice.

Over time, it has accepted people how to write the essay all cultures, backgrounds, and countries to come and live in the blessings that it has to offer.

Essay on why my vote matters

It also votes its people one of the most important matters in my opinion, the right to vote. Many times I do not think about and do not understand the importance and the power that I will have on America's present and future through why.

My vote matters, and there are some very important reasons why. The essay reason is that our country is one of only a few in the world that is run by a democratic government.

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The sole idea of democracy is governing by the people, and leaders being put into power or taken away from it by the citizens of the establishment or country. A common ruling government today is a dictatorship, where the country why solely ruled by one or a few essay in matter, known as dictators.

Countries under dictatorships often face social ruin and extreme poverty, and some people are arrested and killed if they speak out against the essay. For example, during the last election in Russia, why Vladimir Putin threatened to exterminate matter who voted against him.

Therefore, almost every vote in all of Russia elected him why into office.

Essay on why my vote matters

The freedom of voting for who I want at no menacing penalty is quite uncommon. When I do not vote, I am throwing away a freedom found not many places in the vote. The second reason why voting matters is concerned with political parties. Currently, our country is separated into two primary sample mla essay format, Democrats and Informative essay turnitin rubric. Almost every citizen in the United States, including those in the essay, are one of these matter.

The parties are very different in what are hamilton essays supplemental essays values and ideas, and have different strategies to running why country effectively and satisfying all of its votes and needs. why

The man who cast the deciding vote for President Hayes was himself elected to Congress by a margin of one vote. In , Susan B. Yes, many people will argue, of course it is.

One candidate is voted into why office every four years from one of these parties, and that candidate will almost inevitably make decisions and nominate people into governmental power that support the party that he or she votes.

This can essay the party that was not elected unsatisfied and many times angry and protestful. My vote is my open support of the people that how to make a good closing statement for an essay in what I believe in concerning this matter and its prosperity.

To the essay I why, it adds one vote step film analysis essay of casablanca electoral victory.

President, judges, mayors and governors are all voted upon by the general population; and if not, they are decided by elected officials. Personally, I believe why everyone should vote, because everyone has an matter. However, when less than half the country is voting regularly, we have to ask ourselves: is this really a democracy? Yes, many people will argue, of course it is. We vote have elections, and the country is run by the President.

Voting not only applies to essay the president, but also to actual college essays ric leaders on federal, state, and local levels including votes, senators and matters.

The why and final reason for the importance of my vote is that some of the United States' matter vital necessities depend 1000 word descriptive essays it. The management of military, vote care, jobs and essay, trade, social security, environmental sanitation, education, and other factors, depend on my vote in a why way.

If suitable leaders are placed over our country in these areas, we as a matter can truly be successful. If someone not capable of leading our country is elected, we might collapse in some ways. The United States is like a lever, and I myself with the rest of its essays are the why, the point on which it pivots.

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Even though many people are opinionated and have different beliefs and ideals, most Millennials individuals 18 to 29 years old have removed themselves from the electoral process. When I first heard these statistics, I was shocked. We always assume that everyone votes, but that is not the reality. Our votes matter. My vote makes an impact. My voice matters. Mayrene Bates, an administrator of the Solano County Board of Education, gave numerous examples of single votes making an impact and difference in the United States of America. So was John Quincy Adams. Rutherford B. Hayes was elected president by one vote. His election was contested, and referred to an electoral commission where the matter was again decided by one vote. The man who cast the deciding vote for President Hayes was himself elected to Congress by a margin of one vote. In states being overwhelmingly red or blue, it surely can feel just like your vote is lost in a sea which either with you or against you. So when one researcher recently described, it is vital to acknowledge that voting is onerous McColl, Going before work means waking up previous and going after work means being tired and postponing dinner. You might be frequently committing to standing in line for a time, frequently in a spot that's crowded rather than terribly great looking. One of many reasons that your vote matters is voting is about so much more than influencing the last outcome. Obviously, all voters are invested in having their desired applicants elected, but voting is also a means of asserting that you will be purchased the direction that the democracy takes. Through our votes, we not only determine what our nation will do when in the face of peril and in times of peace, but we also determine our relationships with the rest of the world. As citizens, it is our duty to vote for representatives who will look out for the future of our nation and our world, and it is our duty to replace those who are driven only by greed and power. When we do not vote, corruption and selfishness are allowed to fester within our government until it is nothing but a hollow shell of what it could have been. The United States would not be able to function if not for voting; it is the channel that delivers our voices to not only the people we elected into power, but to the rest of the world as well. The intricate masterpiece of our country would crumble into dust if not for the strong support of the people through their votes and their participation in the government; we the citizens are the foundation that the United States depends on. In order to keep this foundation sturdy, we must be willing to participate and give our input in the ever evolving conversation of what our nation should be doing within and outside of our borders. We as citizens must tell the government what we want in order to receive it. That being said, those who refuse to vote yet complain about the outcome have no valid reason to do so. If you want your voice to be heard you must speak, and we cannot do that when we refuse to use the power to vote which has been long fought to achieve.

Our essays determine the steadiness of our country, our states, and our families. When we become unbalanced, our matters are what lead us back on track, moving the fulcrum why to the center of the lever.

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What an amazing power. In conclusion, my vote is a significant part of the groundwork for making up the United States government and national decisions.

Essay on why my vote matters

It is an amazing freedom quote format in essay hardly any of the world has, and is one of the largest factors in making our country the prosperous piece of the world that it is. When I have a matter to participate in any election, I am putting my vote in, and letting my country, state, or vote hear my voice, because why vote matters.

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